NEC CLE Schedule for the Sunday, March 27th Workshop

If you want to come for the first Workshop but can't stay for the entire day, check out our schedule and plan your day accordingly!

First Half: Introduction
• 10am
Guest Composer: Sivan Cohen-Elias lecture and interactive rehearsal/
performance/Q&A on How Long Is Now, 1hr 20min

• 11:20am
Break/set up, 10 mins

• 11:30am
Workshop: Incognita Perpetua, by Camila Cano, 40mins (end at 12:10)
5min setup

• 12:15pm
Workshop : Amplification, Shuying Li, 40mins (end at 12:55)

1pm Lunch: !50mins

Second Half
• 2pm
Guest Faculty Composer: Anthony Coleman - lecture and interactive rehearsal/
performance/Q&A on new work,  1hr 20mins

• 3:20pm
Break,set up 10 mins

• 3:30pm
Workshop: Ficciones, by Ryan Krause, 40mins (end at 4:10)
5min setup

• 4:15pm
Workshop : Memory of Venice, by Hainu Tan, 40mins (end at 4:55)

• 5pm Close