NEC CLE 4/24 Photos

We had a great time yesterday with the NEC CLÉ! Special thanks to Ann Cleare, Katarina Miljkovic, Eva Heinstein, Albert Oppenheimer, Ian Headley, Simon Hanes, and Ezra Weller for their participation and support! Special thanks to Derek Beckvold, CLÉ resident saxaphonist and sometime clarinetist, for the great shots! More to come!


NEC CLÉ Schedule for 4/24 Workshop

First Half: Introduction

Guest Composer: Ann Cleare lecture and interactive rehearsal/performance/Q&A on unable to create an offscreen world (b) ≈1hr 20min

Break/set up, 10 mins

Workshop: Permafrost, by Ian Headley, 40mins (end at 11:10)
5min setup

Workshop : new piece, Albert Oppenheimer, 40mins (end at 11:55)

12pm  Lunch: ≈50mins

Second Half

Guest Faculty Composer: Katarina Miljkovic - lecture and interactive rehearsal/performance/Q&A on her process ≈ 1hr 20mins

Break,set up 10 mins

Workshop: Test, by Ezra Weller, 40mins (end at 3:10)
5min setup

Workshop : Aphor, by Simon Hanes, 40mins (end at 3:55)



Student Composers Selected for 4/24 Workshop!

Congratulations to the following composers who have been selected to participate in the upcoming NEC CLÉ Workshop on April 24th!

Ezra Weller: studies at New England Conservatory with Kati Agócs

Simon Hanes: studies at New England Conservatory with John Mallia and Anthony Coleman

Albert Oppenheimer: studies at New England Conservatory with Michael Gandolfi, Kati Agócs, John Mallia, and John Heiss

Ian Headley: studies at Northeastern University with Ronald Bruce Smith, Douglas Durant, Mike Frengel, and Brian Robison.


Brass Join NEC CLÉ on April 24th!

Ezra Weller, Beth McDonald and Alex Heitlinger join the NEC CLÉ for the April 24th Workshop. If you were thinking of writing for brass, here is your opportunity! Click on the Application to your right to apply!

Tubist BETH McDONALD is in the final semester of her graduate studies at the New England Conservatory. Growing up in the Washington, DC area, she received her Bachelor's degree with top honors from the University of Kentucky in 2009. Raised as a classical musician, she has an extensive background in orchestra, wind ensemble, and chamber music, in addition to being a repeatedly award-winning soloist. She has performed in China and throughout Europe, and has been a featured soloist with the Pershing's Own Army Band and the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra.
Through her entire musical career thus far, Beth has been performing and
premiering contemporary music, both avant garde and conservative. Due to the tuba's relatively young history, she is working to develop awareness of the instrument and is eager to collaborate with composers. Currently, she is a member of the Balkan Brass Project, Atlas Brass Quintet, the Lindenbomber Fleet, and the NEC Contemporary Ensemble, and has performed with the Callithumpian Consort, including multiple performances during the Christian Wolff residency last year.
As a fellow at the Lucerne Festival Academy and the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, she has worked with the likes of Pierre Boulez, Iván Fischer, and Christoph Eschenbach, and has collaborated with musicians from all over the world. She studies with accordionist Ted Reichman and tubist Mike Roylance of the Boston Symphony. Some of her current musical explorations include electroacoustic music, *taksim* improvisation, and Balkan popular music.
EZRA WELLER is Boston-area trumpet player, composer, improviser, and educator. He has premiered works by Anthony Coleman, Matti Kovler, and Samuel Harry Chabrow, the latter two as soloist. As an improviser, Mr. Weller has performed at the Lilypad and Zeitgeist Outpost in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as the Stone in New York. Recently, his attentions have been focused on composition, and his first large ensemble work will be performed by the Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble this May. He currently teaches at Boston College High School as brass coach, and the El Sistema program at the Brighton Conservatory Lab School, where he is resident arranger. Collaborative experience includes performances with Anthony Coleman, Hankus Netsky (Klezmer Conservatory Band), Christian Wolff, and Keith Rowe; and master classes with Paul Lytton, Nate Wooley, Dave Holland, and Don Byron. Mr. Weller will graduate from the New England Conservatory this spring, where he studied with John McNeil, Frank Carlberg, Kati Agócs, and Charles Schlueter.
ALEX HEITLINGER’ career highlights include rocking the Stone Pony in New Jersey with fellow trombonist Richie “La Bamba” and other musicians from the Conan O’Brien band, a featured performance at the 2007 Madajazzcar Festival, opening up the JVC Jazz Festival at the Knitting Factory with the Bjorkestra, performing in Harlem with boogaloo legend Joe Bataan immediately prior to a failed world record attempt at the largest ever kazoo band, and a childhood performance of “People in Your Neighborhood” with Bob from Sesame Street.  He also briefly held a position formerly held by Ellington trombonist Art Baron in a duo with a singing dog.  Originally a classical trombonist, he won his first and only audition, becoming principal trombonist of the Cheyenne (Wyoming) Symphony for one season.  For a period in the mid 2000's he was very active in the NY salsa scene, performing frequently in the Bronx and at salsa festivals in Chicago, Boston, NY, Germany, and France.  In the last few years, he's become interested in Balkan brass music, performing with Slavic Soul Party and founding the Balkan Brass Project at NEC.  As a composer, Heitlinger has recorded two complete albums of original jazz works and received ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Awards in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  He is also known for creating popular internet music video parodies of Guns ‘N Roses and Boyz II Men, as well as “Funk to the Chief”: a series of profanities read by President Barack Obama on his audio book, isolated, and set to funky beats.  Heitlinger is currently pursuing a Masters degree in jazz composition at the New England Conservatory.


Anthony Coleman at the NEC CLÉ Workshop

Anthony Coleman waxes poetic about "sad things that are funny" and what exactly that means.



The first NEC CLÉ Workshop was a huge success. Many thanks to Sivan Cohen-Elias, Anthony Coleman, Camila Cano, Shuying Li, Ryan Krause, Hainu Tan, and our wonderful ensemble for their participation; this would not have been possible without you! Recordings and photos to come!


NEC CLE Schedule for the Sunday, March 27th Workshop

If you want to come for the first Workshop but can't stay for the entire day, check out our schedule and plan your day accordingly!

First Half: Introduction
• 10am
Guest Composer: Sivan Cohen-Elias lecture and interactive rehearsal/
performance/Q&A on How Long Is Now, 1hr 20min

• 11:20am
Break/set up, 10 mins

• 11:30am
Workshop: Incognita Perpetua, by Camila Cano, 40mins (end at 12:10)
5min setup

• 12:15pm
Workshop : Amplification, Shuying Li, 40mins (end at 12:55)

1pm Lunch: !50mins

Second Half
• 2pm
Guest Faculty Composer: Anthony Coleman - lecture and interactive rehearsal/
performance/Q&A on new work,  1hr 20mins

• 3:20pm
Break,set up 10 mins

• 3:30pm
Workshop: Ficciones, by Ryan Krause, 40mins (end at 4:10)
5min setup

• 4:15pm
Workshop : Memory of Venice, by Hainu Tan, 40mins (end at 4:55)

• 5pm Close